Why In-Office Whitening is Top Notch

Have you been looking at those beautiful white smiles in the magazines? We all want to improve the color of our teeth, but we don’t always know how to go about it. You might be tempted to start with the boxed kits at the drugstore, but that isn’t necessarily the best decision for your smile. Take a look at the points below to gather the information you need about St Paul teeth whitening to make the best whitening decision for your smile.

Boxed Kits Can Be Harmful – As we mentioned above, there are side-effects for using the boxed kits from the drugstore. For example, many patients use those kits incorrectly and expose their gums to harmful chemicals. Other patients whiten too much, causing irreparable damage to their teeth.

Our Whitening is Effective – The whitening we do in the office is highly effective. Of course, it is safer having the supervision of your dentist, but the whitening itself is more effective because we can utilize our whitening solution to its maximum benefit.

Whitening For Life – If you needed any more incentive for trusting our office to handle your whitening needs, we also offer Whitening for Life! This is a program for all patients that requires an initial fee of $159 for materials. From that point on, you can receive whitening products at each of your cleaning appointments for the rest of your life! That’s a lot of whitening!

Get the white smile of your dreams, and don’t settle for anything less. Contact us today to set up a consultation or appointment for your St Paul teeth whitening. We would love to help you get a stunning smile with none of the hassle! We can’t wait to see your new and improved smile.