The Top Dental Diet

You truly care about the health of your smile. You brush twice daily, floss daily and even visit your Mendota Heights dentist Dr. Serafimov for a cleaning and exam every six months. You take all of these steps to prevent any detriment to your smile…yet it is not all that can be considered. Many patients overlook how their diets can impact their oral health, and not just their waistlines.

In order to help you make some substitutions for better food choices, or to add a new item to your pantry, below we have listed some of the best dental diet foods for you to consider.

Dairy: the low-fat milk you put in your cereal, the yogurt you have for lunch or the cheese you top your sandwich off with can all benefit your oral health by providing you with large doses of calcium. Calcium helps strengthen the teeth, gums, and the bones that support both.

Green Veggies: like the dairy products listed above, dark, leafy green veggies can also provide a big boost of calcium and other vitamins and nutrients that benefit your smile. Try some bok choy or broccoli as a side to your next meal for enhanced nutrition and color on your plate!

Whole Grains: compared to their white, starchy counterparts, whole grain foods can give your mouth a ton of vitamins that it needs to stay healthy and ward off dental detriments. Not to mention, by choosing whole grain rice over white rice, for instance, you are also lowering the amount of sugar you take in that can result in decay too.

Water: stay hydrated to save your smile! Drinking plenty of water stimulates saliva, which can protect the teeth and also help with digesting and speaking. Water also can wash away any particles stuck in between the teeth or left lingering in the mouth that can result in decay or other issues.

For more help on crafting a dental diet that works with your nutritional needs- contact your Mendota Heights dentist Dr. Serafimov by calling (651) 455-1601 today!