Three Common Myths About Root Canals

So you think you might need a Root Canal? But you’re scared because of what you’ve heard about Root Canals?

If you are experiencing regular toothaches, you should contact us immediately for a Dental Exam. Sometimes the best solution for your pain may be a Root Canal.

But again, you say, you’re heard a lot of bad things about Root Canals.

Perhaps you’ve read an article on the internet that has made you afraid to consider a Root Canal. In this day and age, there is a lot of misinformation out there. Old, outdated, and thoroughly discredited dental theories are finding new life in Facebook posts and chain emails. People are often confused by this junk science.

Because of all this confusion, we thought we’d take today’s blog post to examine three common myths about Root Canals. Have you heard that Root Canals “kill” teeth? Or that Root Canals are unnecessary or ineffective? Or even the most common myth, simply that Root Canals are Painful? Then read on to learn the whole truth about Root Canals.

Myth #1: Root Canals “Kill” Teeth

During a Root Canal, we go into a tooth and remove infected or decayed pulp and nerves. This actually prevents decay from spreading, and the tooth from dying. Although some material and nerves are removed during this process, none of it necessary to the health of the tooth after the tooth as grown in.

After this material is removed, the tooth is thoroughly cleaned and sealed. This prevents the spread of any bacteria or infections to your other teeth. After being sealed, a crown is often put on the tooth.

Root Canals don’t kill teeth, they keep them alive.

Myth #2: Root Canals Are Unnecessary or Ineffective

This is perhaps the most dangerous myth associated with Root Canals.

Inaccurate and outdated “scientific” claims float around the internet on occasion. Usually, these claims center around the idea that removing the affected tooth is preferable to a Root Canal. These inaccurate reports or articles may even claim that Root Canals can be dangerous.

Neither of these things are even close to being true. If anything, these claims would make Pinocchio’s nose grow to be about a mile long.

You may need a Root Canal if you experience toothaches, sensitivity in your teeth when chewing, or if hot or cold food and beverages irritate your teeth. It may also not be noticeable that you need a Root Canal, so regular Dental Exams are advised.

Saving your natural tooth, or teeth is always preferable to removing the tooth. Even with the tremendous advances we’ve made in Dental Science, nothing can completely replace the teeth God gave you. Natural teeth have more chewing function than artificial teeth, which helps you maintain a varied, healthy, and enjoyable diet.

In addition, a Root Canal is far less expensive in the long-run than removing a tooth. After a tooth has been removed, potentially costly implant or bridge work must be done to restore your smile.

Root Canals are certainly not dangerous. Millions of Root Canals are performed every year; according to medical reports about 95 percent of Root Canals are effective in saving the affected tooth.

Myth #3: Root Canals Are Painful

This is the most common myth, and one we hear in the office the most often. This myth may have been true at one time, but modern medicine has made it a pain-free process.

You may be surprised to learn that after the procedure, most patients say they either experienced no pain at all or that the procedure felt no different than getting a filling.

Before the procedure begins, our top-notch team will completely numb the affected area with a powerful local anesthesia.

If you’d rather be unaware of your surroundings during a Root Canal, at Serafimov Dental in West St. Paul, MN, Nitrous Oxide Sedation is also an option. Commonly known as laughing gas, this safe and effective sedation technique will put your mind at ease and your body at rest. Time will pass quicker, and you’ll remember little to nothing about the Root Canal.

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