Thermoplastic Partial Denture: What is It and What Are Its Advantages

Dentist Near St Paul shares the advantages of a Thermoplastic Partial Denture 

Do you have a missing tooth? Your dentist might have advised you to get Thermoplastic partial dentures to replace your missing tooth, but you’re still unsure if it’s the best denture to get. Deciding on and getting dentures can be complicated and sometimes confusing. However, we will help narrow down your choices and explain the things you need to know about the common type of denture– the Thermoplastic Partial Dentures.


What is Thermoplastic Partial Denture?

–    Thermoplastic partial denture has been available and widely used in the prosthetic dentistry for more than 30 years now. The difference between this type of denture from the traditional partial denture is the material from which it is made. The thermoplastic partial denture is made of thermoplastic nylon resin – a very flexible and ultra-thin material that contains no BPA’s. It is also considered to be the most biocompatible material. This type of denture is best for patients who are suffering from allergies to certain metals or acrylic.


Advantages of Thermoplastic Partial Denture

–    Thermoplastic partial denture has several outstanding features as compared to the traditional partial denture. The thermoplastic denture is more flexible, stronger, and is proven to have long-term performance than its traditional partial denture counterpart. It doesn’t absorb odors or stains and exhibits higher dimension and color stability. It also exhibits high resistance and has excellent wear characteristics.

–    Typically, since thermoplastic partial denture is made of an ultra-thin material, the esthetics of this denture is far superior as compared to conventional metal/acrylic partial dentures. Thus, patients feel more comfortable wearing this type of denture than the traditional one. Another advantage of its material is its flexibility in the design of the types of clasps.

All these factors are important when choosing the best denture as a replacement for your missing tooth. However, the cost of this denture may be slightly higher than the conventional acrylic/metal partial denture, but the result makes your investment all worth it.