Reviving the Smile With Teeth Whitening

Your St. Paul
Dentist Provides Teeth Whitening to Revive Your Smile

Your St. Paul Dentist, Dr. Serafimov, is here for  patients to turn to when they want to prevent uncomfortable dental problems. Our team also has the training and experience that patients trust when the goal is to revive the beauty of their smile. Thanks to the various advances that have taken place in the past few decades, there are many more choices in cosmetic dentistry today than in years past. While it is possible to change the alignment, shape, and size of teeth, brightening up the color of enamel is one of the best ways to makeover the smile.

Teeth whitening is a process through which the controlled application of a bleaching agent lifts stains that have settled beneath the surface of enamel. The fact that stain molecules pass through the uppermost layer of tooth material makes it difficult, if not impossible, to lighten the color of teeth without professional help. Many people learn this the hard way, spending weeks, and unnecessary money, on commercial products that lack the strength needed to get the job done quickly.

Patients of Serafimov Dental have the option of having their teeth whitened right here in the office. The procedure takes about an hour, and is conducted under the supervision of our experienced, friendly staff. The in-office whitening treatment is an excellent solution for those who want a brilliant smile NOW. However, it does not exceed the level of white that is possible with home-whitening treatment.

Home whitening treatment is appealing for patients who prefer to have more control over their whitening process. Conducted daily, home whitening involves wearing custom-fit trays loaded with professional grade whitening gel. Our product is also formulated to minimize the sensitivity that tends to occur with standard whitening.

One of the benefits that our patients get when they choose home whitening is the ability to conveniently maintain their results with periodic touch-ups. We offer a whitening for life program which enables patients to obtain a free tube of whitening gel at each of their six-month recall visits.

Don’t let discoloration keep you from your most attractive smile. Call 651-455-1601 for your teeth whitening treatment.