Addressing Dental Rumors

General Dentist in St. Paul Speaks the Tooth!

One of the main concerns of your general dentist in St. Paul, Dr. Serafimov, is answering patient questions and making sure every patient leaves his office well-informed. We even offer our oral health blogs online for you to read from the comfort of your home or on-the-go to stay up to date with information on hygiene, maintenance and more!

Sometimes the doctor is asked about oral health-related rumors that seem to be “viral,” or common questions amongst several different patients. It is with that in mind that Dr. Serafimov wanted to take a few minutes to “deflate” two common dental rumors he hears of frequently in today’s post:

“Diet Soda Is Not Bad For You”
There is no denying that diet soda has a leg-up on regular soda when it comes to sheer sugar content, absolutely. The catch to this, and what so many patients may forget about, is the high acid content that diet soda will still contain. Acids, over time, can wear away the enamel of the teeth and lead to cavities, sensitivity, discoloration and more. The next time you need a sweetened drink that is better for you than soda, maybe have some water with a slice of cucumber or lemon instead.

“Brushing Your Teeth While Your Gums Bleed is a No-No”
It often goes against human nature to agitate an open wound of some sorts, but we must go against our instinct when it comes to bleeding gums. While some vitamin deficiencies and diseases can cause the gums to bleed on their own, it is typically due to a patient not brushing or flossing properly or enough. Straighten your regimen out and brush at least twice daily, while flossing once, to see healthier gums and improved oral health!

If you ever have any questions concerning your oral health, never fret to ask Dr. Serafimov, your general dentist in St. Paul about it! For more answers to your questions, or to schedule a visit, call our office today at (651) 455-1601.