Seniors at Risk for Dental Issues

St Paul MN Dentist Shows What Dental Problems that Older Adults May Face


As you get older, your teeth age, too! But it’s important to know that they’re also at risk for a larger number of dental and oral issues. Your St Paul MN dentist wants senior patients to know the importance of taking care of your smile, no matter how old you are. Check out some of the dental problems that seniors can face below.


Darkened Teeth
This is a popular issue that seniors face solely because of their lifetime of consuming staining foods and drinks. This also weakens the enamel, which is the surface of your teeth that works to protect the dentin. The dentin (the bone-like tissue in the center of each tooth) is also weakened, changing their color.


Gum Disease
This is often one of the biggest problems for older adults. With a combination of damaging foods and drinks, tobacco use, and more, your gums become weaker and can result in pain and possible tooth loss.


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