Saving Your Child From Future Braces

As a caring, responsible parent, you have a lot on your mind all the time! You are always putting your child’s best interest first. After all, this is your little one, and you want to see her grow into something truly special.

You are not alone. There are tons of great parents here in West St. Paul, MN who are looking for just the right way to prepare their children for the road ahead. You’re probably reading books, teaching manners, and encouraging creativity. What are you doing for your child’s future smile?

We’ve written before about the things you can do that will help your child have a healthy smile. Brushing, flossing, and bring them in to see us are great starts, but are you taking steps to prevent future problems, like the need for braces? We realize that not every child needs braces, but did you know that the most common causes for orthodontics actually begin when your child is a toddler?

We want to spend today looking at some of those things so that you can make a decision about how to best proceed with your child right now. If you can stop bad habits that will lead to the need for braces, wouldn’t you want to do that sooner rather than later? Let’s take a look!

Saving Your Child (and Yourself) a Lot of Discomfort

You don’t have to have worn braces to know that they aren’t terribly comfortable. Even though the procedure is fairly common for adolescents, ask any child wearing braces if they are enjoying their experience! They’ll all give you the same response: No! Trust us, we see them here at the office for routine cleanings!

Braces are a FANTASTIC advantage that we have in our society. They really are great for kids who need to realign their smiles, but many of these cases could have been prevented right from the get-go if the parents had only known what the result would be!

Of course, we can’t guarantee that you can save your child from braces. It might just be in the stars for her, but we can give you some idea of the types of toddler behavior that will lead to misalignment. From there, we can have a discussion at your next appointment about how to proceed!

The Need for Orthodontics

We are not going to show ALL of the bad habits in this short blog, but we can give you an idea of the most common problems we see from our patients right here at Serafimov Dental. Let’s take a look!

Thumb/Pacifier Sucking
You’ve probably been made aware that thumb sucking can change the shape of your baby’s mouth, but did you know that a pacifier can do the same? This is so tough because for babies and young toddlers, sucking is a comfort measure! It’s ok to allow a little bit of this habit, but if you have an older toddler or preschool student who is still sucking a paci or finger, it’s time to break the habit!

Losing Teeth Too Soon
The loss of baby teeth is often out of your control, but that doesn’t mean you haven’t nothing to gain here. Kids lose teeth due to injury or extensive decay. In either case, the adult tooth isn’t ready to come in yet, so the other baby teeth crowd the space leaving the adult tooth with no path into the mouth. This leads to crooked teeth. If your child loses a baby tooth too soon, be sure to ask about spacers. A spacer will hold the spot for your child’s adult tooth and lower the risk of misalignment happening.

A Misshapen Jaw
We generally only think of orthodontics for teeth, but did you know that the shape of your child’s mouth can also have an impact? This issue can be genetic, or it can be escalated by the sucking habit we mentioned earlier. You might not notice this one on your own, but we will see it when you bring your child in for an appointment. We can let you know if you need to take your child to see an orthodontist earlier rather than later!

We Are With You

We are not an orthodontic office, but we do know some great orthodontists that we hope you’ll never have to meet! We hope that you are able to recognize your child’s bad habits now so that you can save that sweet smile from a couple years of torment during middle school!

We are here with you to help you make decisions for your child’s best future smile, so contact us today. We hope to hear from you very soon!