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Twin Cities area dentist encourages patients to consider mercury free dentistry


Patients in the Twin Cities, MN area who are seeking a quality dentist for mercury-free dental care need to look no further than Serafimov Dental. Dr. Lubomir Serafimov proudly offers patients holistic and biological dentistry alternatives to ensure patients avoid mercury toxicity in their body.


For years, many dentists have used silver amalgam fillings when addressing cavities within the smile. It quickly became the standard and the norm for a dentist to treat cavities using these metal fillings. However, over time studies began to show the amount of mercury toxicity was occurring in the body after patients had these fillings placed. Mercury is a toxic substance to humans, though it comprises approximately 50% of the filling materials.


Because of mercury toxicity concerns, dentists such as Dr. Lubimor Serafimov decided to change his standard protocol to composite resin fillings instead of silver amalgam fillings. He found several benefits in doing so. First, patients did not experience exposure to mercury, ensuring a healthier body. Second, composite resin does not expand and contract like silver amalgam metal fillings do, reducing the likelihood of bacteria entering into the inner portion of the tooth. Third, composite resin fillings are aesthetic in appearance and blend in naturally. Most patients won’t even remember they had fillings done in their smile!


While some dentists in the Twin Cities offer both types of restorations, Dr. Lubomir Serafimov offers just one. He knows how important it is to provide quality, safe repairs for his patients. He does not want to contribute to the epidemic of mercury toxicity caused by silver amalgam fillings, and instead wants to provide safer, more aesthetic alternatives for his patients to consider.


Dr. Lubomir Serafimov and the team at Serafimov Dental work with patients in the Twin Cities area to educate them on the disadvantages of using silver amalgam fillings within their smile. His practice can be contacted at (651) 455-1601 or by visiting 250 E. Wentworth Avenues, West St. Paul, Minnesota. Contact today to learn more about the benefits of mercury-free dentistry.