Safely Whiten Your Teeth

Dentist in St Paul MN Explains Why Take-Home Whitening Kits can Harm their Smile


Having a bright, white smile is something that every patient wants! This has become one of the most popular cosmetic dental procedures around. Unfortunately, many patients refuse to go to their dentist to get their teeth whitened because they believe that they’re able to brighten their smile with store-bought products. These take-home kits can be more harmful to their smile than they might know, which is why your dentist in St Paul MN is here to explain some of the dangers that DIY teeth whitening can occur to your grin.


Convenience Doesn’t Mean Better
Many patients don’t go to their dentist because they believe that it’s inconvenient and out of the way, so they go to a store near them to buy a take-home kit. These take-home kits are preferred because patients are able to resume their daily routine without having to go to an appointment. This misconception of dental appointments being inconvenient can stop patients from having the smile they’ve always wanted. Teeth whitening appointments only take an hour and are guaranteed to give you a better, brighter smile.


Although Cost Efficient, May Not Yield Promised Results
Another reason that patients prefer to buy take-home kits from a store is because they’ll be cheaper than making an appointment with your professional dentist. While this may be true, many of these kits make promises that they can’t keep! If your teeth aren’t as white as you want them to be after the use of one kit or your smile begins to fade faster than you expected, this may prompt you to buy more of these kits, which will certainly add up over time. At your appointment, your dentist works with you in order to give you the proper shade of white for your smile and last much longer!


Improper Ingredients that can Damage Dental Health
There could be some bleaching products within these strips and trays that can burn and create sensitivity to your teeth and gums. They can also leave sores on the inside of your cheeks and your lips. There can be too much of the bleaching products in these kits while, at your dentist, they make sure that your teeth, gums and the rest of your mouth are protected.


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