Reasons Why You Should avoid High Dental Filling

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You just finished an appointment with your dentist, and a dental filling has already been placed. You expect to feel good after the procedure, but instead, find yourself feeling completely off and quite uncomfortable. Something is not right with how your dental filling went, and the most common problem you can possibly experience is having it too high.

The risk of pulpitis

Pulpitis is known as the inflammation of the dental pulp. This usually happens whenever the dental pulp is irritated. The pulp swells and turns red as an act of defense mechanism. This is also the pulp’s way of healing. However, unlike the other parts of the body, the pulp is trapped within the tooth which makes the healing process slower. This then results to more painful and more sensitive areas around the tooth.

The gnawing pain

The gums and ligaments around the inflammation are very sensitive. This makes biting, eating, and even talking very difficult since anything that touches them sends out extreme pain. Other than that, this pain results to persistent headaches and increased stress levels.

Losing your teeth

You tend to lose your teeth since you gradually wear them out. High dental filling causes misalignment to your teeth and jaw in which some teeth would eventually wear down due to shifting bites. Other teeth would come out loose since they receive stronger forces they were not accustomed to.

Experiencing this kind of discomfort is highly unnerving. Hence, do not let yourself agonize another day, and go back to your dentist right away. It is best to have this little problem taken care of immediately before it gets any worse. Trimming down your dental filling is an easy task for dentists, and it’ll be over in no time. What you need to make sure is that you get out of that clinic feeling good as ever and not being able to worry about more tooth pain.