Protect Your Teeth On a Regular Basis

St Paul MN Dentist Shares Information about Your Smile to Help Keep it Healthy and Strong


At Serafimov Dental, your St Paul MN dentist works directly with every patient to make sure that their smile is the best that it can be. We work together to create the best treatment plan to improve your teeth, but we also want to make sure that patients are continuing their care when they’re at home. Maintaining a healthy smile when you’re not at our office should be an everyday routine, so check out some helpful ways to keep your smile in tip-top shape!


Brush for Two Minutes, Twice a Day No Matter What!
Brushing your teeth certainly isn’t the most exciting part of your day, but it’s one of the most valuable parts, so it’s important to take it seriously. Two minutes may seem like a long time, but your teeth will thank you for it, as will you dentist! It’s important to stay bacteria-free since it can be easy for it to get caught up and hidden in a hard-to-reach place, so make sure that you’re getting every part of your mouth that you can when you brush. And don’t forget to floss, as well!


A White Smile Doesn’t Always Mean a Healthy Smile
No matter what we’re meant to believe from the celebrities on television, not every person who has a white smile has a healthy smile. It’s possible to whiten your teeth at any time, but that doesn’t make them healthier. We want our patients’ priority to be a healthy smile, so let us help you with regularly scheduled cleanings and exams before we discuss teeth whitening options!


Your Tongue Can Hold Bacteria, Too
Your teeth and gums aren’t the only ones that can be hiding bacteria—your tongue can be holding onto some bacteria, too. Brushing your tongue along with your teeth and tongue will eliminate and battle any lingering bacteria and bad breath! Ask about a tongue scraper and the proper way to use it so you’re able to fully utilize the tool to its full potential.


Want to learn more about daily tips to take care of your smile? Don’t hesitate to call your St Paul MN dentist at (651) 455-1601 to ask any questions or to schedule an appointment with us today!