Family Dentistry

Your Family Dentist in St Paul MN

family-dentistryCompassionate Family Dentistry in St. Paul

Dr. Serafimov offers exceptional and affordable dental care for the entire family. Your dentist in St Paul MN cares for a wide variety of patients, from young children to older adults. What sets Dr. Serafimov apart from other dentists is how he gets to know each patient better. Visiting us is like seeing an old friend! Whether you need toothache relief or a full mouth reconstruction or any family dental services, your dentist will treat you with respect and dignity.

Your First Visit

The first step for new patients is the consultation. This is a friendly conversation between you and Dr. Serafimov, and it’s all about you: what you want for your smile, how you want to achieve this look and your preferences. This no-pressure environment is a great opportunity to air your concerns and help Dr. Serafimov create the best treatment plan.

The next step is the comprehensive evaluation for advanced family dental. Dr. Serafimov will check your mouth and identify active diseases that need immediate treatment. Issues that need urgent attention are prioritized over cosmetic dentistry problems. It makes no sense to create a beautiful smile if there is extensive tooth decay or gum disease. For an accurate picture of your oral health, your dentist may take X-rays and other diagnostic tests. If you have X-rays from your previous dentist, please bring them with you.

Accurate Diagnosis and Treatment

We use safe, low-radiation X-rays to show decay, infection, bite and alignment problems, wisdom teeth and problems with existing restorations. Your dentist will also examine the muscles and soft tissues (lips, cheeks, tongue, throat, etc.) to detect abnormal tissue.

For children, Dr. Serafimov will check if the teeth are healthy and growing in proper alignment. He may recommend fluoride treatment and dental sealants for added cavity protection. It is recommended that you bring your baby to the dentist once he or she turns one or as soon as the first tooth appears.

Keep you and your loved one’s smile healthy and beautiful with family dentistry! Visit or call Serafimov Dental today at 651-455-1601 or make an appointment with your dentist in St. Paul.