No Stress Dentistry

Why we Prioritize Stress-free Dental Visits

Stress seems to come at us from every angle. It could be good stress, like a job interview or a move to a new neighborhood. It could be unpleasant stress, such as too much pressure at work or school. Regardless, it feels nice to just imagine being stress-free, even for just a little while. When you visit the dentist, you may find that your heart beats a little faster, and that you have a knot in your stomach. This need not be the case! If you are in the Inver Grove Heights area, visit a dentist who prioritizes your comfort. Visit Serafimov Dental to see how we foster no-stress dentistry.


One of the reasons why so many people feel anxious about seeing the dentist is because they fear the unknown. Another common fear is getting a lecture from the dentist about not properly caring for their teeth. In our office, we avoid both of these scenarios. Patients are encouraged to visit us routinely so we can focus on cleanings and checkups, not repairs. We discuss how to brush and floss, and how to manage certain dietary items in order to protect oral health. Working together, we develop the right oral care plan for your needs.

Patient comfort

Dr. Serafimov has been treating patients for more than three decades. In this time, he has continually sought to create a comfortable experience for each person in the treatment chair. A friendly, caring attitude can go a long way. However, we understand that more may be necessary to ease some people’s apprehension. That is why we offer sedation.

Understanding nitrous oxide sedation

When most people hear of dental sedation, they think of the oral conscious sedation that is often referred to as “twilight sedation.” There are various types of sedation that may be used to induce a relaxed state. And there are several reasons why we prefer nitrous oxide.

Nitrous oxide is one of the longest-standing forms of sedation known in the modern world. The sedative is inhaled for the duration of treatment via a small, comfortable mask that fits over the nose. Within a minute of inhaling the nitrous and oxygen blend, patients feel relief from their stressful tension. Within about five minutes, anxiety is a thing of the past, and comfort presides over the entire procedure. At the end of treatment, we lift the level of nitrous and increase oxygen to erase all sedative effects. Patients are able to immediately resume normal activities, including driving.

We are happy to speak with you personally about sedation dentistry. Give us a call at 651-455-1601.