Mouth Wreckers

Restorative Dentist in West St Paul on Oral Health Hazards

Dr. Serafimov, your top provider of restorative dentistry in West St Paul has to help restore the smile of patients for a variety of reasons.

Sometimes, it is some of the “basics.” Drinking too many sugary sodas over time…not brushing your teeth…all of these and more can lead to severe oral health issues requiring restorative treatments.

But other times, it is the daily habits we don’t really think of that can cause the most harm.

Like who thinks of chipping their teeth when it comes time to chew on some ice cubes at the end of a nice glass of lemonade? What about getting some teeth knocked loose while playing a friendly game of pick-up basketball?

Unfortunately, both of these examples- and so many more can lead to the need of restorative dentistry from your West St Paul dentist.

Dr. Serafimov thought long and hard on this subject, trying to think of the best way to get you the greatest amount of information on oral health hazards in the most compact, and visually attractive, format possible. Then he stumbled across the following link…and it all came into place.

With all of that said, you can click here to view a WebMD slideshow of some of the most hazardous, potential teeth wreckers out there!

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