Make a Resolution For a Healthier Smile

Happy New Year! We hope that you have plans for a fantastic 2015! We definitely have big plans here at the office, and we hope to begin with your smile. So many of us are making resolutions to improve our health, but what about your oral health? There is no better investment of your time and money than in your smile. Take a look at a few tips below from your general dentist in St. Paul that can help you make 2015 the year of your smile!

Change the Way You Hydrate
We all fall short in the way we hydrate. We grab a soft drink or a coffee and sip on it throughout the day. The problem? All of the sugar in those beverages. The only beverage that you should be sipping throughout the day is water. Water boosts your saliva production, creating a better protective system against harmful bacteria in your mouth. Plus, water is great for your entire body! It’s a win-win situation!

Change the Way You Snack
We aren’t good at choosing healthy beverages, and we definitely aren’t good at selecting healthy snacks! We tend to grab things that are starchy and sticky, like chips, pretzels, and fruit chews. These snacks get stuck in the crevices of your teeth and create a risk for cavities. Instead, choose fresh, crunchy fruits and vegetables that will add vitamins to your diet and will actually scrub your teeth while you chew!

Change the Way You Schedule Appointments
If there was a dollar for every patient who skipped a routine cleaning because he or she forgot to schedule the appointment, we would be a very wealthy staff! Schedule your appointments at least six months in advance. Some of our patients even schedule appointments a year in advance so that it’s already done. All you have to do is keep it on your calendar, and show up!

Let’s work together to make 2015 the best yet! Your smile can always be healthier, and these tips will benefit your entire body, not just your teeth. Contact us today to set up an appointment with your general dentist in St. Paul for your next cleaning. We would love to hear how your resolutions are going!