Is This Really Harming My Teeth?

General Dentist in St. Paul Informs Patients of Potential Dangers to Your Smile


The appearance of cavities is usually caused by popular issues like a poor diet and a lack of brushing. Consuming excessive amounts of sodas, candies, and more, all which contain dangerous amounts of sugar, acidity and bacteria can create cavities and damage the structure of your teeth. But there are other ways that patients have the potential to harm their smile that they may not know about. This is why your general dentist in St. Paul is here to help!


This may be surprising, but extensive cardio workouts can negatively affect your dental health. There are two reasons for this; exercise has the ability to dry out your mouth and reduce the amount of saliva that your body produces, as well as the combination of drinking the harmful, acidic sports drinks that wear down the surface of your teeth, also called the enamel.


In order to protect your teeth during your workout, make sure you’re drinking water instead of the sports drinks. Water stimulates your saliva, which creates minerals to strengthen your enamel.


Check out some other instances where your teeth may be at risk, and keep working to protect your teeth by making an appointment with your general dentist in St. Paul and call our office at 651-455-1601 to schedule today!