How Dental Cleanings Help

Inver Grove Heights Dentist on the Power of a Good Cleaning

While Dr. Serafimov, your Inver Grove Heights dentist, is the #1 person to see in the region about cosmetic and advanced dental needs- he also does deal greatly, in general, preventative and family dentistry. One of the top procedures the doctor performs in those areas is general dental cleanings, which we recommend you partake in every 6 months to maintain your oral health! What else does a dental cleaning do for the common patient, though? Click below to find out more!


Cleanings Save You Time and Money

By getting twice yearly cleanings and exams, you not only can be removing the tartar and plaque from those “hard to reach areas” that can lead to more substantial issues, but it also allows us to identify any other dental detriments before they mature. At an early stage, we are typically able to come up with a treatment plan that can stop them from getting worse, saving you time and money associated with more substantial dental procedures.


Cleanings Protect Your Shade

Over time, your diet and age can negatively impact the shade of your once-pearly whites. Regular dental cleanings can help to remove any built-up stains on the surface of the teeth, meaning that your smile can be shining bright like old times in no time at all.


Cleanings Freshen Your Breath

By removing the aforementioned tartar and plaque from between your teeth, we also can be removing food and other lingering particles that could have been lodged, causing bad breath for weeks or months. Skip the mints and gum for your next date…we will have your smile smelling fresh like it once was with a routine dental cleaning!


For more information on how your Inver Grove Heights dentist Dr. Serafimov can save your smile with a dental cleaning- call to schedule yours today at (651) 455-1601 or click here to book today!