In Case of Emergency

St Paul Emergency Dentist on Dealing with Teeth Trauma

Accidents and emergencies wait for no one. At any point in time you can facing a situation that puts not only your oral health, but the health of your entire body in jeopardy.

Luckily for you, Dr. Serafimov is a top St Paul emergency dentist who does have openings for such oral injuries. For years now, we have treated patients who have suffered trauma to their mouths and helped them reclaim the smile, and the love to smile, that they may have temporarily lost.

While Dr. Serafimov suggests that you always call 9-1-1 or seek the attention of a hospital for more serious injuries, today he has provided for you some tips on how to make it through two of the most common dental injuries, and in the event you cannot make it into our office right away.

With Thanksgiving coming up soon, many of us may be heading outside to throw the football around with family and friends before dinner is served. But what happens when you aren’t ready to make your catch and a football to the face causes a tooth to dislodge?

The first step to take is to try to locate the tooth and to rinse it under warm water, but not scrub it. There sometimes can be pieces of tissue still on the tooth that should remain- for they can help in the replacement of the tooth in the mouth. Make sure to place an icepack on your face at the point of injury and to place the tooth in milk overnight, before you can come into St. Paul office. If you are able to make it in right away, and want to attempt, you can try placing the tooth back into the void from which it came. Do not try to force or twist the tooth, and only attempt this if you feel comfortable.

Say the same unfortunate football accident strikes, but your tooth breaks in half, rather than dislodges though. What to do?

Well, many of the same steps are to be taken. Make sure you locate large shards of the tooth to wash, but do not scrub, them off. Store them in milk until your appointment. Next, wash your mouth out with warm water to get any lingering shards out of the mouth that could cause damage. Although it may be difficult, try to not have your tongue poke or play with the sharp tooth left in the mouth, so that you avoid more harm. Lastly- make sure to call our St. Paul office to schedule an appointment right away.

As mentioned above, for any more serious dental injuries- make sure you dial 9-1-1 or seek a hospital’s attention first. Rest assured in knowing that your #1 St. Paul emergency dentist will be here for you as soon as you can come in- and we can help you restore your smile.

For more information, or to schedule an emergency visit, please call our St. Paul dental office today at (651) 455-1601.