How Nitrous Oxide Makes Your Appointment More Efficient

We talk a lot about the benefits of sedation for patients who are nervous or anxious about coming into the office. One thing we don’t talk about as much is that fact that sedation has truly changed the way a dental office works. Sedation makes your dental appointments more efficient. Continue reading to see how dentistry was handled before sedation, and how we are able to handle complex work now.

If Sedation Wasn’t Available
Before sedation was available, dentistry was much more difficult on the patient. Dentists could use numbing agents, but sitting in a chair with your mouth hanging open while listening to and watching instruments work on your teeth was pretty unnerving. A patient can only sit that way for so long, so dentists would break complex procedures into smaller procedures and ask the patient to return several times before the work was complete.

How Sedation Boosts Efficiency
Can you imagine finding time in your schedule for several dental appointments instead of just one? Sedation changed everything. With nitrous oxide gas, our patients can rest comfortably while we get the work done. The gas takes away your anxiety and worry, allowing you to sit for longer periods of time, thus boosting efficiency. We no longer have to break procedures into smaller pieces, and you only have to take one day away from work!

Sedation has many benefits. Efficiency is just one of the many reasons to look into sedation the next time you are in the office. Contact us today to set up your next appointment or to find out more about sedation. We would love to help you have a more comfortable dental experience!