Help Your Anxious Child Prepare For an Appointment

Some people really enjoy the thrill of not knowing what to expect in a new situation. However, that rarely applies to a new medical experience. Most of us want to know what to expect, and your kids are no exception. When your little one is preparing for a first appointment, or maybe a first filling, he is looking to you for some guidance. Even if you are afraid of the dentist, try to set that aside and help your child prepare for a great dental experience by following some of the suggestions below.

Explain Things Gently – Your little one will be nervous, no doubt about that, but he doesn’t have to stay that way! Gently explain what is going to happen during the appointment. If you don’t know what will happen, then be honest about that. Prepare him for the appointment, but don’t scare him with worst-case scenarios or dramatic explanations.

Answer Questions Honestly – You are probably used to the questions by now. Most kids can’t stop asking questions because they have so much to learn! As your child asks you questions about the upcoming appointment, answer them as honestly as you can, but keep it gentle. You might also encourage your child to remember those questions so that we can help you answer them here in the office!

Be There – Nothing is going to scare your child more than walking back to the exam room by himself. Go back with him and be an encourager during the appointment. Let your little know that he’s doing great, because he will feel a lot better just knowing that you are there.

Taking a young child to the dentist really doesn’t have to be as bad as people say. With gentle preparation, honesty, and support, most kids do great in the chair! Contact us today for more information about how to help your child get ready for the big day. We can’t wait to meet with you both!