Get Your Kids Excited about Brushing!

It’s easy to get a kid excited about doing something they love to do. A child will never let you forget when their next soccer game is, or when it’s their turn to play a video game, or when their birthday is coming up.

But when it’s something they don’t enjoy doing, that’s a different story. How many times have they forgotten to take the trash out, or clean the litter box, or make their beds? When it comes to the things they have to do, but don’t like to do, kids have a very selective memory.

The question is: how do your kids feel about dental care?

Odds are they aren’t thrilled about brushing their teeth. They may not hate it, but your St Paul MN dentist knows that it’s not on the top of their list of favorite things to do at night. And if you don’t repeatedly remind them, they might conveniently forget to do it.

Healthy dental care habits are very important for your children. Even though they have another set of teeth coming in behind their baby teeth, various oral and general health issues are related to dental care. So, for the sake of their overall health, children must learn to take care of their teeth and gums.

Also, healthy home dental care habits are something that your children will need to maintain throughout their lives, and they won’t always have you to make sure they brush and floss when they are supposed to. Developing these habits when your children are young will instill the importance of oral health into the routines they carry into adulthood.

At Serafimov Dental, we want the children of West St. Paul to grow up with healthy and beautiful smiles, and for them to continue to value dental care well into their adult years. Here are some ideas to help get your kids excited about brushing and flossing.

Color Coded Brushes

One technique to try is to buy several different brushes in a variety of colors. Have your children assign a specific color to a specific day of the week. So, when it is time to brush, your kids have to know what day it is, as well as what color brush foes with that day. This is especially helpful for very young kids who are learning color names and the days of the week.

This makes brushing healthy, educational, and fun!

You can also assign a different color brush for a different mood, so your child can choose her brush based on how she feels. This not only establishes regular brushing habits, it gives your child a chance to talk about how they feel that day, and it happens up channels of healthy communication about emotions.

Animal Charades
Another brushing game you can play with your kids is to have them pretend to be one of their favorite animals while they take care of their teeth. You can give them prompts.

How does a gorilla brush? How does a chicken floss? Does a dolphin use mouthwash?

Or they could act out their favorite animal brushing, and you have to guess what animal it is. The sillier the better. This also allows you to monitor their brushing techniques to make sure they are doing it correctly.

A lion always brushes his back teeth. An elephant never forgets to floss. A snake brushes his tongue every night.

Musical Brushing

You can make brushing a party with just a little music. Choosing an uptempo song with a strong beat will give your kids a rhythm to brush along. Also, using music to get your kids excited about brushing gives you a built-in timer to make sure your kids are brushing long enough. Simply start a song that is two or three minutes long, and when it’s over, it’s time to rinse.

Just make sure no dancing breaks out at this brushing party. It wouldn’t be safe to have your kids dancing around with toothbrushes in their mouths.

Brush With Them

No matter what techniques you decide to use, the best thing you can do to get your kids excited about brushing is to do it with them. Your kids will beg to brush their teeth once they see Dad jamming out to Taylor Swift while cleaning his tongue. Just imagine the looks on their faces when they see Mom flossing like a flamingo. Brushing time will become a fun family time when everyone gets involved.

Regular cleanings and examinations are essential for your children’s oral health, so don’t forget to bring them into Serafimov Dental for checkups.

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