Flossing Properly

Twin Cities Dentist on Flossing Technique

The evolution of flossing, especially in the last few years, has made it easier and easier to remove all of that leftover food between your teeth. From traditional, waxed string in a container, to Water Piks and now the individual, disposable flossers- it is obvious that manufacturing companies and researchers know flossing is as essential to your daily oral health regimen as your Twin Cities dentist.

But then why would only about half of dental patients around the world not floss daily? That’s right. Surveys and research have shown that, on average, about half of patients asked about their flossing habits would “never” or “rarely” do it.

Is it because flossing is seen as the more “difficult” or “time-consuming” task, compared to brushing?

Well even if it does take longer than your recommended two-minute brushing session, it is irreplaceable.

Patients who avoid flossing have had cases of decay, infection, gum disease, tooth loss…even heart disease and diabetes linked to their habit. The list of correlations between not flossing and whole-body-health issues are growing every day- and are costly in many ways.

Even if you ARE choosing to floss daily, doing it properly is an essential step to take as well. And while you can always ask your Twin Cities dentist for a demonstration at your next appointment, today we have provided for you’re a list of ADA (American Dental Association) facts to Make Sure You Are Flossing Properly.

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