Fear the Dentist No More!

Learn about Sedation Dentistry in St Paul to Fight Anxiety


It’s no surprise that there are many patients that are afraid to go to the dentist, whether it’s due to their fear of the instruments or because of its seemingly invasive procedures that make patients squirm, unable to stay still. Thankfully, there are ways for patients to be able to take care of their oral health, even with their fears—sedation dentistry in St Paul! Below, we will discuss why this option is beneficial for certain patients.


Dental care is necessary in order for you to have a healthy smile that goes further than simply brushing and flossing. If your fears or anxiety are holding you back, we provide nitrous oxide to help you relax during your appointment.


Nitrous oxide, also more popularly known as laughing gas, is a colorless gas that patients inhale that has a calming effect. It can also make you giggle, hence the nickname. The gas quickly reaches your brain and gives you a sense that time is passing by faster than normal. This is also why patients don’t really remember much about their appointment, since there is another effect of mild amnesia.


Other benefits of sedation dentistry include the increased pain threshold, which allows patients to not feel as much pain. It also relaxes the body, allowing the dentist to work diligently and carefully without any sort of movement or fidgeting due to your nerves. You’re also able to complete your appointments in longer amounts of time, but that also means there’s a smaller amount of appointments to go to.


To further discuss this option with your dentist, contact our office to learn more about sedation dentistry in St Paul by calling 651-455-1601 or clicking here to fill out an online form to schedule an appointment in the comfort of your own home!