Don’t Underestimate X-Rays

Your Dentist in St Paul MN Shares How X-Rays Can Limit Your Dental Risks


When you’re at your bi-annual dental appointment, it only takes a little time for your dentist in St Paul MN to perform a few x-rays.  Although this only takes a short amount of time and have little to no side effects, there are many patients who refuse to receive x-rays due to the exposure of radiation, even though there have been reports that conclude there’s a low-dose exposed and the risk is very small. This shouldn’t stop people from receiving these x-rays because their smile could but in danger!


Knowing a patient’s dental history and the potential risks that they could be facing, we want to ensure that we’re choosing the best option for a patient’s oral and dental health so their smile doesn’t have to suffer from any ignored issues. There have been multiple reports and articles published, as well as research completed, to make sure that we’re making the best decision for you.


Per the American Dental Association, there are many diseases of the teeth and the tissue surrounding it that can’t be seen by the naked eye. Therefore, we utilize x-rays—so we can see what we can’t always see. During your appointment, an x-ray may reveal:

  • Abnormalities
  • Areas of decay between the teeth or below already placed fillings
  • Infections in the bone, including your jaw and facial region
  • Periodontal disease
  • Cysts and abscesses
  • Certain types of tumors
  • And more


Depending on your individual dental needs, we’ll be able to tell how often x-rays should be taken. Your dental and oral history is extremely important and relevant to the necessity of an x-ray, which is why we need to be thorough and take the safest steps for you.


Dental x-rays are painless and quick, telling your dentist in St Paul MN everything he’ll need to know and what next steps to take to keep your smile as healthy as it can be. Schedule an appointment here at Serafimov Dental today by calling our office at (651) 455-1601 today, and don’t hesitate to ask any questions or concerns that you may have.