Don’t Avoid Your Twin Cities Dentist

Twin Cities Dentist on the Importance Of Dental Care

If you are looking for a Twin Cities dentist offering a wide range of services- look no further than Serafimov Dental! Regardless of your financial situation, we want to help you achieve the smile of your dreams. According to extensive research, the cost of dental treatments is what deters patients from getting the needed care. At our West St. Paul office, we want to make sure that our patients get the help they need, regardless of cost.

As people enter adulthood, they tend to avoid their dental checkups. Most adults that participated in a survey reported that they don’t visit their dentist the recommended once every 6 months. Interestingly, it was found that 27% of survey respondents reported that they only visit the dentist when they are in pain, or when a problem occurs. Our family dentist, Dr. Lu, however, warns patients that waiting could result in more expensive, stressful procedures.

For this reason, Dr. Serafimov recommends not to skip any dentist appointments, and to be sure to visit at least once every 6 months; don’t wait until you have a problem. At Serafimov Dental we care greatly about our patients. We want to see their beautiful, healthy smile as often as possible, and we don’t want financial reasons to be an excuse. We offer special patient financing and are constantly rotating special offers so that you can always get the care you need at a price you can afford.

If you are in need of any type of dental service in Twin Cities MN, be sure to contact Serafimov Dental by calling (651) 455-1601 to schedule an appointment!