Liven Up Your Smile

You Have a Beautiful Smile- Take a Bow!

Every performer can imagine how it would feel to receive a standing ovation for their work. There may be no greater form of praise. How would you like to look in the mirror and see such a thing of beauty that you feel as though you could take a bow – or let your smile take one if that were possible? Your smile plays a leading role in the story of your life. It’s true! This is because people notice the smile first, and they base their first impression of its “value.” It’s simply human nature, so why not play along?

There are several benefits to attending to the needs of your smile. An experienced dentist in St. Paul MN, Dr. Lu conducts all levels of care for our patients. Working together, we create treatment plans to avoid potentially painful conditions, to repair teeth when necessary, and also to let the smile take center stage the right way.

Does it Really Matter?

The importance of attractive teeth may take a back seat to oral health as a whole, but not by much! Having healthy teeth means that you can chew comfortably, that you have a lower risk of chronic disease like diabetes, and that you may not struggle with bad breath (except after those garlic fries!). Having attractive teeth means greater confidence, a healthier sense of self, and even making a better impression on others. Understanding the power of a good first impression, whether it is a new love interest or a new boss, you can see that it really does matter what you look like.

Let’s get it Going!

Here’s the thing about bringing out the best in your smile, it’s all about you! You may have a gap between your front teeth that you LOVE. We wouldn’t tell you to change that. On the other hand, you may have a spot or crack that is causing you to withhold your smile. For the smile to harness every ounce of its power, it should be broad. It should be bright. It should be seen! We offer cosmetic services including:

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