Could Fruit Be Hurting Your Smile?

No one will tell you not to eat fruit. You should eat fruit. It’s good for you. But just be aware that the fruit that is helping your body may be hurting your smile.

At Serafimov Dental care we want the people of West St. Paul to eat healthily, but we also want you to protect your smile and know the risk that eating fruit could pose to your oral health.


Vitamin-C is essential for healthy living. It helps fight off colds and flu by strengthening our immune system. So citrus, like oranges and grapefruit, must be the perfect thing to keep us healthy. Not quite.

Yes, citrus is loaded with plenty of wonderful health benefits, but that doesn’t mean there is no down side. Along with Vitamin-C, oranges and grapefruit contain acid that will eat away at your teeth’s enamel. The enamel is the hard layer on the outside of the tooth that protects the soft pulp on the inside. The inside of the tooth contains sensitive nerves and tiny blood vessels, and without the enamel to protect them, bacteria could get in there and cause all sorts of damage, including decay and infection. This could not only cause you to lose the tooth, but if the infection spreads, it could cause serious illness.

You can protect your teeth from citric acid by drinking plenty of water along with your fruit to wash the acid away before it can do much damage. But wait a while before you brush! If your enamel is still weakened from eating citric acid, then brushing could cause more damage by stripping away the weakened enamel.

Dried Fruit

Are you looking for an alternative to chewy candy that will taste good but go easy on your teeth? Then don’t eat raisins. Unfortunately, dried fruits, like raisins and prunes, are so loaded with sugar that they are not much better than candy.

Even worse, the sugar in dried fruit is particularly hard to get off your teeth because the pieces of dried fruit are so sticky. This means that your mouth’s natural defenses, your tongue and saliva, have a hard time getting the sugar off your teeth, so it has more of a chance to cause decay.

Tooth decay is not just a cosmetic problem. It can lead to all sorts of serious oral health issues, like missing teeth, gum inflammation, and infection.

Dark Fruit

Who doesn’t love blueberries in their cereal. Or a big bowl of fresh picked blackberries on a summer afternoon. Not only are these treats delicious, they are full antioxidants that are good for you.

They are not perfect, though. The juices to these dark berries can stain your teeth just as easily as they can stain your clothes. Moderation is the key to protect your smile from these stainers, and plenty of water, which will dilute the staining juice.

Fruit Juices

The problem with fruit juices is that they only give you part of the fruit, and the most unhealthy part, at that. Fruit juice concentrates the sugar and acid found in fruit and throws out the healthy fiber in the pulp. If you are drinking fruit juice instead of eating fruit, you are robbing yourself of some of the most important health benefits that fruit has to offer.

Also, the sugar and acid found in fruit juice can cause decay, which as you know, can lead to various other health issues. The healthier alternative to drinking fruit juices is to simply eat the actual fruit and to follow it up with a large glass of water.

We Can Help

Has your smile already suffered due to too much sugary, acidic fruit? At Serafimov Dental we want to help you get your smile back. We offer a variety of cosmetic dentistry procedures to repair your smile.

Whether you need some porcelain veneers to fix some chipped teeth, or teeth whitening to to bring the shine back to your smile, we can help.

Call our office in West St. Paul today, and be on your way to a happy and healthy smile.