Considering Dentures? Read this!

Greetings St. Paul! Welcome back to the ongoing dental blog of Serafimov Dental. In today’s blog post, we want to talk to you about dentures. Dentures can be a tremendous blessing, but they do come with a host of requirements to keep them in shape.

Whether you’re unhappy with your current dentures, or are considering dentures for the first time, this post should contain some useful information for you. Dentures are not a topic to be taken lightly; if you are considering them it can be unnerving to consider giving up your remaining teeth.

But for many of our patients, they are so unhappy with their current teeth that dentures are just about a dream come true. But sometimes they may hear horror stories from people who have dentures and are unhappy with them. But a few simple tricks can help ensure that you enjoy the world of dentures and the benefits they can bring.

The most important thing to remember about dentures is that fit is everything. When you first put your dentures in, you probably won’t realize if they are a good fit or not. It will simply feel like you have a foreign material in your mouth. But in the weeks and months that follow, you may realize that your dentures don’t seem to fit.

Ill-fitting dentures are uncomfortable and can make it more difficult to eat. But you can always come to our office to have them adjusted. When your dentures are properly fitted, you will be able to chew with more confidence and feel better about your smile.

Another fact about dentures is that routine dentist appointments are still necessary. Many people seem to believe that because their natural teeth are gone, they no longer need to visit the dentist. That’s simply not true; dentist appointments are necessary to ensure the health of your gums and the rest of your mouth. Plus they give us an opportunity to adjust your dentures to ensure a good fit.

If you’re unhappy with the way your dentures currently fit, you have a few options. You can come to our office for an adjustment. We can also perform repairs on dentures if needed. But if you want the greatest stability out of your dentures, you may want to consider dental implant-supported dentures.

Dental implants are artificial tooth roots. Composed of titanium rods, they can be painlessly surgically embedded into your jaw. This implants can then act as anchor for your dentures. That means a denture fit that you know is secure, comfortable, and one that won’t slip at all.

Dentures can be a great choice for many people; but you have to consider that they do require some care and attention. With something as important as your smile, you want to make sure that you have all the facts you need to ensure a great looking appearance.

Are you ready to learn more about dentures? Make an appointment at our office today. We can be reached at 651-321-5877. Serafimov Dental is proud to serve the residents of St. Paul, MN and the surrounding area.