Choose a Composite Filling For Your Smile

By the time you graduated from high school, you probably had at least one filling. For most of us, that filling was dark silver or gray amalgam. That distracting filling is no longer necessary for patients of ours because we now offer superior composite fillings. There are many reasons to prefer composite fillings, and your Mendota Heights dentist has listed just a few below for your consideration.

Looks Better
Composite fillings are, above all else, a more aesthetic option than amalgam fillings. The bonding material will match the color of your teeth perfectly so that no one can tell you’ve had dental work done! You can smile and laugh freely with confidence in your restored smile!

No Harmful Materials
One of the greatest concerns associated with amalgam fillings is the mercury contained in those fillings. While most believe amalgam is safe, the mercury is still there. Composite fillings, on the other hand, are free of harmful materials!

A Strong Bond
Amalgam fillings have been used for decades because the filling itself is so strong, but over time, the tooth weakens. Composite fillings, however, are made of bonding material that will hold the tooth strong.

There’s no need to settle for amalgam fillings any longer. Instead, consider using a composite filling to restore your tooth. It will benefit you in more ways than one! Contact us today to set up your next exam and cleaning. Should your Mendota Heights dentist find any need for a filling, you can rest assured that we will have the best solution for you! We hope to see you soon!