Cavity Fighting Candy

Mendota Heights Dentist On a Sweet Anomaly

The term “cavity fighting candy” seems suspicious, even to your Mendota Heights dentist Dr. Serafimov. We know we aren’t the only ones that think of sugary, sticky, teeth rotting nonsense when “candy” is mentioned, but this is “cavity fighting” aspect is a new one. Usually candy and the sugars it contains feed the bacteria that cause cavities, gum disease and more, but this, promises the opposite.

So how is this accomplished? By changing the environment that bacteria thrives in.

Much like many generations of civilizations have done before, licorice root is being utilized once again to promote great oral health. Farmers and hunter/gatherer types used to chew on it to help with problems in the mouth, and not it is being utilized in a new candy product. And let us be clear, by licorice, we don’t mean the red, foot long rope of candy you buy at the movie theater. We mean pulled from the earth root, which is not always the most pleasant taste imaginable.

A company has created a kid and tooth friendly lollipop called “LOLOZ” in a variety of flavors. If these lollipops are “taken” as “prescribed,” they can help change the environment of your mouth, so that it becomes less suitable for cavity-causing bacteria to thrive. You can find out more about how this is done and where to find these by heading here: More at Dentalbuzz.

No matter the type of candy you put in your mouth, regular appointments with your Mendota Heights dentist are needed to upkeep your oral health! Call Dr. Serafimov today to schedule your next visit at (651) 455-1601.