Boost Your Water Intake

In our previous post, we discussed three ways to boost the health of your smile in 2015. Our first suggestion was to drink more water. Yes, we know, water isn’t known for being an attractive beverage. However, we believe that the benefits of water, and the ability to transform water into something truly special, will outweigh any of your hesitation to drink more water. Take a look below to see what we mean from your St Paul MN dentist.

The Other Beverages
First, let’s talk about the other beverages that people enjoy. Tea, coffee, sports drinks, and soda usually top the list. Each of these beverages has its own issue, but the common problem is sugar intake. The sugar bathes your teeth all day and feeds the bacteria in your mouth along the way. There are also issues with staining and acidity wearing down the enamel of your teeth. These drinks are great every once in a while, but water should be your go-to beverage.

So, How Do You Make Water More Attractive?
You probably aren’t the only person in your home who needs to drink more water, so think about things that will benefit your entire family. Our favorite way to boost water is to add sliced fruit and fresh herbs. The flavors will improve the taste of water, and it looks really beautiful sitting in a pitcher in your fridge! For the kids, you might try adding fun ice cubes, using special cups, or letting them pick the fruit to add to the pitcher!

When you are making the switch to water, it is usually helpful to take it one step at a time. Begin with one beverage a day, and slowly increase your water intake until the other beverages are just sitting in the fridge! Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of water from your St Paul MN dentist or to set up your next appointment. We would love to hear how your switch to water is going!