Are You Feeling Sensitive?

Dentist in St Paul MN on Stopping Sensitivity

Your dentist in St Paul MN wants to know- are you feeling sensitive? And no, not like “oh no, Adrian Peterson got injured and is out for the season?!” sensitive. More like, you just drank some coffee and your teeth won’t stop aching- sensitive.

Every day Dr. Serafimov treats patients who suffer from teeth sensitivity, often at the hands of a diet that is or was very high in sugar and acid content for years. Over time, these harmful ingredients can erode our enamel, the protective layer of the teeth. When that occurs, microscopic holes in the teeth can begin to form and lead all the way to the center of the tooth- where the nerve is. It is when the nerve comes into contact with any external stimuli that it can “shout out” in pain- resulting in that ache in your mouth.

But for those chronic sufferers of teeth sensitivity- they know that the pain is not simply triggered by JUST food or drink. What about brushing or flossing a little too hard? Or using whitening products incorrectly? All of these, plus so many more, can be reviewed in the following handy and comprehensive list of items and habits to avoid when you have sensitive teeth. You can access it by Clicking Here.

For more information on sensitive teeth triggers, or to have your dentist in St Paul MN help you end your ache, call our office today at (651) 455-1601.