Amazingly Life-Like Dentures in St. Paul, MN

Are you in the marketplace for dentures in the St. Paul area? Navigating all the options and choices available to you can feel a bit overwhelming at times. But at Serafimov Dental, we help turn the overwhelming process into a quick and simple one.

Dentures are one of several options we offer to help you replace missing teeth. Our dentures aren’t bulk or artificial-looking like dentures you may have previously experienced. Our modern dentures are comfortable and look amazing life-like. We can even craft custom dentures to help you look years younger.

You may need dentures because of a lack of previous dental care, an advanced case of gum disease, or bad genetics. If we can’t restore or preserve your natural teeth, dentures are the next best solution.

Types of Dentures Available

Complete dentures are ideal if you are missing all of your teeth. This is also true if you are missing all of the teeth in either your upper or lower jaw. Complete dentures may also be a good option if you are missing all put a few teeth, or most of your existing teeth are in a state of extreme decay.

Complete dentures are supported by your jawbone as well as your gums. If we need to painless extract teeth before placing your dentures, you have a couple of options available to you. We can place immediate dentures directly after the extractions; or we can fit you for conventional dentures to be placed after your gums heal. For conventional dentures, we make a model of your mouth and design the dentures from that.

We also offer partial dentures at Serafimov Dental, if you just need to replace a few missing teeth. This can be a great option if the rest of your natural teeth are fairly healthy. Your natural teeth help retain the natural shape of your face and prevent bone loss.

Partial dentures may be attached to your natural teeth to help keep them in place, this can be accomplished using an attachment called a clasp. In other cases, a dental implant may be installed into jaw to hold the dentures in place.
Getting Fitted for Dentures

Getting dentures will take a couple of appointments at our St. Paul office. We begin by performing a dental exam as well as x-rays of your mouth. This gives us a clear understanding of your dental problems, and apprise you of your best options.

If you and the doctor determine dentures are your best option, the treatment procedure is completely painless. If we need to extract any teeth, we do so. This is a quick and painless procedure at our St. Paul office. We then take a mold of your mouth to build a model for your dentures.

Dentures often take some adjusting. We want to ensure that they fit your mouth perfectly, and rest comfortably. This process keeps you from having dentures that slide during eating and speaking. It may take you a few days to get used to wearing your dentures, this process is completely normal.

Denture Repairs at Serafimov Dental

Your mouth naturally changes shape over time. This can result in your dentures fitting poorly or sliding out of your mouth when you eat or speak. We can reline your existing dentures to make them fit more comfortably in your mouth. We can also repair broken or failing dentures.

Make An Appointment

Do you think you may be a candidate for dentures? Then we encourage you to contact our office at 651-321-5877. We can answer any questions you may have, and walk you through the entire process. At Serafimov Dental we’re proud to serve residents of St. Paul, MN, and the surrounding areas.