A Root Canal is Nothing to Fear

When things go wrong in your mouth, you want to know that someone has your back. We are definitely that office! If there is one dental procedure that people fear more than any other, it is the root canal. Hollywood uses the root canal to make scenes more dramatic, and viewers immediately cringe from the scene in front of them. The truth is quite a bit less exciting. A root canal is actually able to save your tooth, and it is nothing to fear! Learn more from your dentist in St Paul MN below!

What Makes a Root Canal Necessary
A root canal is necessary when your dental pulp is infected. This happens when a cavity or crack in your tooth allows bacteria to work deep into the tooth. The bacteria gets into the soft dental pulp at the center of your tooth and wreaks havoc. You will feel lots of pain, pressure, and possibly swelling, heat, and redness. Believe us when we say, you will want to get that tooth checked out!

The Actual Procedure
The actual root canal procedure is nothing to fear at all. People conjure images of patients squirming in chairs, loud noises, and lots of pain. The truth is that a root canal is no more uncomfortable than having a cavity filled. With our ability to numb your mouth and offer sedation, there is no reason to be nervous! Once you are comfortable, we will remove the infected pulp, clean the inside of your tooth, and fill the space with a special material that keeps your tooth safe from further infection.

The next time you see a root canal portrayed on a movie or television show, know that the actual situation is quite a bit different! Contact us today with your questions about root canals. Your dentist in St Paul MN would love to hear from you and get you the information you need to make better choices for your smile. We can’t wait to hear from you soon!