A Holiday Boost For Your Smile

Happy, happy holidays from us here at Serafimov Dental! We hope you are having a wonderful time with family and friends and that you have considered a holiday gift for yourself. Give yourself the gift of a newly improved smile by looking into one of the cosmetic options below, provided by your dentist near St Paul. Each of our cosmetic options can boost your smile just in time for the beginning on the new year!

Bonding – Bonding, for example, can greatly improve the look of your smile by correcting minor flaws and damage. Bonding material will be matched to your tooth color perfectly, and the procedure itself is so comfortable that few patients require numbing or sedation! You can have an improved smile without any of the discomfort of traditional cosmetic procedures.

Whitening – We offer state of the art whitening here at the office. Our whitening services will boost the color of your smile from something you despise to something you can’t wait to show off!

Veneers – While bonding and whitening can be taken care of in one appointment, a veneer solution requires a bit more attention. Even though they take longer, veneers will also be a more permanent, lasting solution. Veneers can change your smile more dramatically than any other cosmetic solution we offer.

Don’t let the holidays go by without getting yourself a little something in the mix. A new and improved smile is the way to go and your dentist near St Paul can help you achieve this goal! Contact us today to set up an appointment or consultation where we can discuss your options. We can’t wait to give you the new and improved smile of your dreams!