A Father’s Day to Remember

Welcome back, everyone! It’s that time again when we at Serafimov Dental take a moment to shed some light on some aspect of oral health that will be a benefit to the great people of West St. Paul, MN. Today we are going to take a look at cosmetic dentistry.

It is easy to understand why issues like tooth decay and gum disease are important and must be taken seriously. Ignoring these problems could be a serious threat to your health, and not just your oral health, but your total health.

The benefits of cosmetic dentistry are not so easily explained because they are somewhat abstract. The truth is, there is more to set of healthy teeth than just the ability to chew your food. A smile that you’re proud of and happy to show is important, as well. Being able to smile in social situations and at work allows your to use nonverbal cues to express your mood. If you are not smiling because you are not happy with the with the way your teeth look, whether they are stained, crooked, chipped, or otherwise unsightly, other people will often assume you are not smiling because your are unhappy or angry. For better or worse, that is just the way nonverbal interpersonal communication works.

The problem with cosmetic dentistry is that many people will not take it upon themselves to have it done, some do not recognize that it is something they need, others may see it as frivolous and unnecessary, while others still may simple not be aware of what cosmetic dental procedures are available to them. That is why cosmetic dentistry make a great gift.

Father’s day is just around the corner, and dads can be very hard to find gifts for. So why not give him the gift of a new smile from Serafimov Dental this year. Even if your dad has always taken good care of his teeth, and his oral health is beyond reproach, odds are he good use some cosmetic dentistry to rejuvenate his smile. The simple act of aging is enough to cause several cosmetic issues, and when you combine that with the amount of use teeth get over the years, the appearance of your father’s teeth can suffer, even if they are functionally healthy.

How Serafimov Dental Can Help Your Father Look His Best

Bring your father into our West St. Paul office and we will examine his teeth and consult with on what cosmetic solutions will help his smile the most.

Teeth Whitening – This is probably the most common cosmetic solution we provide. Teeth discoloration is a common issue because so many things affect they shade of your teeth. Even if your father never used tobacco or drank coffee, the two most common tooth stainers, the food he eats, medicine he takes, and aging itself can darken his smile a few shades.

There are many over the counter teeth whitening remedies available, but they are nowhere nearly as effective as a professional treatment from Serafimov Dental, where we will use professional strength bleaching gel activated by a special lamp to give your father a bright new smile.

Dental Bonding – If your dad has some chipped teeth or uneven spaces between his teeth, then dental bonding may be just the thing he needs. Dental bonding is a tooth colored resin that we will use to fill in gaps or shape to repair chips. The dental bonding sets quickly and will match the appearance of the rest of your teeth.

Porcelain Veneers – If your father has severe staining, large gaps and broken teeth, or all of the above, porcelain veneers may be in order. Veneers are tooth shaped coverings that are affixed to the front of your teeth, and are very good at addressing multiple cosmetic issues.

Porcelain veneers are strong, natural looking, and stain resistant. This makes them a cosmetic solution that will keep your dad smiling bright for years to come.

Bring Your Dad to Our Office in West St. Paul Soon

When your father comes to Serafimov Dental, we will treat him like family and keep him well informed, so that he is comfortable with the procedure and aware of the benefits of a beautiful smile.

Contact us today to make an appointment for your dad, and make this Father’s Day one he will never forget.