What is Full Mouth Reconstruction?

St. Paul area dentist is proud to offer full mouth reconstruction

Dr. Lubomir Serafimov and the team at Serafimov Dental in St. Paul, Minnesota offer comprehensive dental care. Our dentist has the experience and training to provide a wide range of treatment for those located in the West St. Paul area and surrounding communities. Patients with several issues in their smile may benefit from a procedure known as full mouth reconstruction.

Full mouth reconstruction is a series of procedures. They can be done all in one appointment or spaced out over time to dramatically improve the function, healthy, and beauty of the smile. Depending on the issues at hand, patients may have one or more treatment options available to them to complete their dental plan. Some of the services that may be provided during full mouth reconstruction include:

  • Periodontal care – periodontal disease can have a permanent, negative impact on the smile. The first step in full mouth reconstruction is to bring the smile back to health. This may be done using treatments such as scaling and root planing and antibiotics to treat infections and get the smile healthy again before pursuing aesthetic services.
  • Teeth whitening – the next step may include whitening the existing teeth. Whitening the smile is done to provide permanent results. Whitening is done first to ensure that restorations placed afterwards match the newly brightened smile.
  • Dental crowns – crowns may be placed over natural tooth structures to add an extra layer of protection to a tooth that may have become damaged or broken.
  • Dental bridges – replacing missing teeth can be achieved with the placement of a dental bridge, which is a strong, durable restoration made of porcelain to address gaps between teeth caused by tooth loss.
  • Porcelain veneers – covering imperfections of the natural teeth near the front of the mouth can be done by placing ceramic facings over them to disguise problems such as permanent staining, breakage, or gaps between teeth.

At Serafimov Dental, new and existing patients in the area of West St. Paul, Minnesota can enjoy quality care from an experienced dentist. Dr. Lubomir Serafimov and his team work closely with patients to help them achieve the smiles of their dreams! Now is the time to contact his practice and make an appointment by calling (651) 455-1601 or personally visiting his friendly front office staff at 250 E. Wentworth Avenue in West St. Paul. From cosmetic procedures to restorative care, patients can enjoy a wide range of services right under one roof!